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APIchamp is a backend building platform that automatically creates a fully working and scalable REST-API from your  specification.

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Why APIchamp?

Setup your REST-API & Backend app fast and easy

Save time and resources. Create simple, secure and scalable REST-APIs without coding.

Save Time building your REST-API.

Save up to 80% development time.

Let APIchamp run a fully working backend application from your openAPI specifications in only a few steps. 
With APIchamp your product timeline will be faster.

Bring your product to market faster

Keep your project schedule with your existing team in times of developer staff shortage.
Your data stays secured with APIchamp

Keep full control of your data

APIchamp runs where you want it to. OnPremise on your servers or in your companies cloud. Your data is safe and 100% under your control.
Up-To-Date System.

Keep your system safe and up-to-date.

Constantly get new versions of APIchamp without additional costs and keep your system up-to-date and safe.
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Focus on the exciting part of development.

Are you a developer tired of writing repetitive boilerplate code? Do you want to dedicate more time to the exciting algorithms of your project? If so, APIchamp is the solution for you. It will empower you to save valuable time while effortlessly constructing REST APIs for your projects.

Save yourself from writing boiler plate code.
More time to write great algorithms.
Use APIchamp to empower your team.
Productowner or Project Manager?

Keep your projects timeline.

Running a full project pipeline, but finding yourself short on resources within your developer team to meet project deadlines? Does this situation sound familiar?
APIchamp comes to the rescue, helping you and your team overcome these obstacles and ensuring your projects stay on track.

Timely delivery of the projects.
Counteract the shortage of staff.
Bring product to market quickly.
Remain competitive.
Save up to 80% of backend development time and resources.
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Part of a Start-up?

Full focus on your start-up

As a founder, your focus and your team's time are better spent on your core product rather than thinking about ways to build and produce APIs.
But from time to time it might be neccessary to connect your services to other parties. Don't waste your budget and let APIchamp run a fully working REST-API middleware for you.
Focus on your business and let APIchamp generate the API for you.
Save budget and time.
Publish an API for your services with low budget.
Bring product to market quickly.
How it works

How does APIchamp support you building your REST-API?

Full Integration into your CI/CD ecosystem
Premium Support
Fast REST-API generation
Fully Scalable
Low Code
Easy containerized Deployment
This architecture will help you to build REST-APIs faster and more efficient.
APIchamp is published as a fully working docker container. When started it will generate your defined REST-APIs automatically and connect to your datasources like databases, 3rd party APIs, ... All this will happens with only two easy configuration files. The openAPI specification will define how your REST-API looks like and the APIchamp blueprint configuration file defines your workflows for those endpoints.
Once APIchamp recieves a request, different components will take care of what and how to process your data. Some of those components are:
This component will take care of your 3rd party datasource connections, like your database, a 3rd party api or other sources like files or datastorages.
Fulfillments will handle everything around getting data and processing it.
Handle exceptions and data validations and transform them into proper error responses.
Will map data between different layers like for example mappings from the REST-API models to your datasource models.


Get security patches and new functions automatically. All you need to do is to update your docker image version.


APIchamp is fully containerized and will run on your OnPremise system, kubernetes cluster or on your cloud provider like AWS or Azure.

Easy to use

Integrate your APIchamp instance into your existing repository management and your CI/CD ecosystem.


Fast setup and performance.

Focus on your goals and use APIchamp to achieve them faster.


Pricing fitting for your needs

Generous Free Plan and attractive packages fitting your needs. All packages will include the latest updates and versions. Therefore your system will stay safe.


Dive into APIchamp's possibilities
Unleash the power of APIchamp with our free Explorer package. Get started by building your fully working backend and api application with essential features that let you build & connect your instance to your databases.
€ 0,-
Start building
connect to your  authentification systems
Elevate API security with OAuth 2.0 and API key support.
Seamless API Integration
Integrate with XML and various RESTful APIs effortlessly.
Coming Soon!
Unleash next-level API innovations. Stay tuned!
Scale Extension
Enhance your Explorer package with additional instances, allowing you to test and deploy multiple APIs concurrently and Scale your Product.
Grow Extension
Unlock the ability to grow your API capabilities by adding more endpoints to your existing Explorer package
Contact us
Contact us
for information about our features and extensions.
Any other questions?

Frequently asked questions

Will my data be safe?

APIchamp will not use your processed data in any way possible. Everything will stay on your environment and only beprocessed how you want it to.

Do you offer fully hosted cloud instance of APIchamp?

At APIchamp your privacy is our upmost goal. Therefore we currently do not offer a full cloud service for APIchamp. However we offer a full APIchamp setup and service at a cloud hosting provider of your choosing. Save your time and let us take care of the rest, while still keeping the full access to your cloud server. Contact us for informations on our enterprise packages. 

How does billing work?

You are able to choose between yearly or monthly billing. If you go for a yearly license we will give you one month for free.

Do you offer a free version?

Yes, discover the full potential of APIchamp, your ultimate API building solution, offering a wide range of powerful features in its free version. Experience it firsthand without any licensing requirements or registration. Start building your APIs like a true champ today!

Which authentication methods are supported to secure my REST-API?

APIchamp currently supports basic authentication to secure your REST-API within the free Explorer Plan. More advanced authentication such as as OAuth 2.0 or API-Keys are available in our paid plans including a variety of options to enhance the security of your APIs.

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